A 21st century lifestyle with a focus on mental, emotional, and physical well-being, we encourage all who listen to live a life that they feel confidently proud of. We hope to uncover the truths of this idea, developed by two college friends, that encourages an honest and open conversation. We aspire to discover a more healthy and sustainable, lasting happiness, and promise to share what we learn along the way. 

OuR Story

The journey started two years ago, with a simple idea, to create a culture for style-conscious young men to express themselves in any light they choose. Valuing honesty and pushing authenticity. We have always been told this world is the way that it is and we just have to accept that. Ever since we were young, the two of us didn’t believe that narrative, and we were driven to share our ideas and lifestyle with other people like us. We started this as an earring business and quickly realized it was much bigger than a fashion statement. 

The message

If we are being honest, we hope we can inspire and encourage other young people to act as truthful and as authentic as possible in their own lives. We want to help promote other young, driven individuals to pursue their passions just like we are doing. We have hope to reach as many young kids as we can, leaving a positive impact where we can, and pushing the conversation in the right direction. We want to leave this world a better place than how we found it, we believe owe each other that, and this is the best way we see fit.