The Authentic

The original podcast hosted by Spence & Jake

As we try to tackle life's adventures, opportunities, bends, and breaks through open dialogues about our day to day run in's with life's obstacles. 

Who Are We

An organic podcast that operates under the assumption that we all have a story to tell, one filled with common battles and unique success's, and our society would be better off with those experiences being shared rather than hidden. Young folk face adversity, moments of doubt, & barriers the are unique to our generation. This is a place where we try to empower one another and provide a place to share our story. 

What's Next

The podcast that is hosted by Jakey C which dives into the truth that will be highlighted in the years to come on the political ramifications of our current climate.


A book review styled podcast hosted by Spence & Jake

We try to encourage and promote the dying act of reading amongst young people. We go over a range of novels from The Souls Code by James Hillman to current hits like The Defining Decade by Dr. Meg Jay.