Newman has always been about more than just it's hosts. We hope to support all young men and women in pursuit of their passions. Scroll down to see some of the young men and women who have supported us in the early stages of the project, and listen to their interviews for more.

"I had the great opportunity to get to know the hosts of Newman. Spencer and Jakes stories are inspiring and creative. The whimsical tales of the lives of 20-somethings are something we can all relate to  and learn from. Newman is bold and shatters the stereotypes about adulting in the 21st century. Newman is for those who want to take the road less traveled."

"One of the best things I've learned about growing up; no one actually knows what they're doing. The people who helped me earn this; the creative masterminds behind the Newman collective. They also taught me that it's okay to have no idea what your path is. It's okay to drift, to figure things out, to be a noncomformist. I am grateful for every experience thus far in life, but especially the experience I had here, on the Newman Collective. Keep dreaming big. "

"Newman to me is a platform for young adults to share their experiences and their lives. Not often do young people have a chance to tell their stories to people who truly care and Newman gives the a chance to speak without judgement. It also givs a chance for listeners to experience thoughts they may not have themselves and to explore deeper into their own minds."

"Newman brings comfort into the ears of anyone who dares to dive in. It's an ever evolving storyboard that brings the innermost thoughts to life. It challenges, captivates, and entertains the realities of our generation. We are ever so  a part of Newman as it is a part of us." 

"Self-reflection, self-realization, and finding self-identity are three things I believe NEWMAN aims to accomplish through its efforts. Few of us choose to self-reflect and without self-reflection I believe it is improbable to accomplish self-realization. How can one form their own identity without realizing who one is? "

"What they’re pushing, is a movement to not become a better person, but to become yourself. Taking risks, going against societal norms, and doing what you want to do because you want to do it are key values strongly association with the brand. The passion Jake and Spence have for their brand is unmatched, and I see a bright future for their brand, and those who follow the movement."

"The "Who are we" question is filled with continued success and failure. Both are singular and comprehensive; however, each propel our defined aims, permitting us to better understand our values, catapulting us forward. Newman listens, examines, and shares this grappling essence to limit personal suffering and locate intrinsic fundamental integrity. "

"You really gotta do some deep searching and figure out what you want first. Once you figure that out, go hard with it every single day. Don't listen to nobody that's tryna put you down about it. "

"Having faith in myself was the biggest favor I ever gave myself. And just believing I had this  big future... also doing the things I love. I think a lot of the times we over complicate our stories.... sticking to the things we love wether or not it is an immediate success...wether or not other people like it, is a good thing to do. Do the things you love."

"I would say, just work hard, word hard for what you want. Don't give up and be a good person...that's what I feel."

"Try everything, don't try to do the most popular thing...I think I've gained lots of experiences through kinda taking the risking... just do it."

"NEWMAN is a chance for our generation to tell our story how we want it to be told. We're ready to speak up and speak out, and NEWMAN provides a chance for us to do just that to shape our future. This stage of life isn't always pretty, but NEWMAN gives us a way to find the beauty and be honest about it."